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Making Documentation a Breeze

Coast Guard Documentation

Our staff has years of experience working with the Coast Guard to procure records, verify ownership, and federally document recreational and commercial vessels.

State Titling and Registration

Each state has different requirements for the administration and issuance of vessel titles; some require registration with the Coast Guard. We contact various state agencies on your behalf and fulfill their requirements to register your vessel and/or issue a state title.

Lender Services

We have a strong working relationship with lenders, both marine and private, across the United States. We can secure a lender's interest in any way required: with a Coast Guard preferred marine mortgage; as legal owner on a state title or registration; or with a U.C.C. statement filed with the proper State agency.

Lienholder Reconveyance

Our team of professionals will research the title to determine any recorded lienholders, prepare the proper release documents and coordinate the payoff of the lien and the filing of the appropriate reconveyance items with the proper agency.

Settlement Services

Pacific Maritime Title provides professional assistance for the gathering and disbursement of the sale proceeds. This service includes overseeing the collection of the buyer and lender funds, taxes, lien payoffs, payment of commissions and the disbursement of the seller proceeds to the appropriate parties and governmental agencies.

Yacht Titling
Sailboat title
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